Frequently Asked Questions
BREAST IMPLANTS - What type is right for me?
  • What is your opinion about silicone implants?

    Silicone implants have a stable form, because of the cohesive gel. We have done a large number of augmentation mammaplasties using silicone gel implants. They feel more like the natural breast tissue. Because of the cohesive nature of the gel, the material remains intact and well confined to the pocket, even if there was to be a rupture of the implant.

  • Does the procedure vary depending on the patient?

    Yes. To obtain excellent results, the design of the operation has to be highly patient specific. A well-designed procedure results in a good outcome and a happy patient.

  • What are the most common questions or concerns with the implants?

    Maintaining good health, safety and effectiveness are the three major concerns raised by our patients when they are considering breast implants. Studies have shown that health is not compromised, thus, the procedure is safe and is one of the most common procedures we do in our practice.

  • How do you feel about saline implants?

    Saline implants are effective in individuals with a moderate amount of breast tissue. For those with a small amount of breast tissue, there is a possibility of rippling. Saline also has a less natural feel than the silicone implants. Approximately one-third of our patients choose saline implants over silicone implants with satisfactory results.